How long does shipment take?
Some orders take 1-7 days to process depending on what payment method is chosen. Shipment can take anywhere from 1-31 days.

Where is Honey Drip Cosmetics based?
Powell River, BC Canada

Which payment option is best?
We suggest paypal. But payment from your credit card transfers right away, as pay pal can some times take a week to transfer.  We will NOT ship your items until we have received payment. 


Is there another method of payment? Please message us on Instagram to use a different payment method. @honeydripcosmetics_


What styles are most popular?
Honey, Cardi, Koko, Milf, Flirty

How can I become a promoter?
Message us on Instagram. @honeydripcosmetics_ 

Or email honeydripco@gmail.com

How do I clean my lashes?

What material are Honey Drip Cosmetics lashes made out of?
Honey Lash Beauty carries Mink and Faux mink lashes 


What makes Honey Drip Cosmetics cruelty free?
The factory from which our lashes come from obtain a free range Mink farm. They are fed as much as needed, groomed and cleaned. The hair used to make our lashes is hair that minks shed during their shedding period. Instead of throwing it out, it is then collected, recycled, cleaned & sanitized. They are NOT skinned alive.