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Lash Care

Cleaning your false lashes every now and then helps them keep their quality and last longer! My lashes will give you over 25 uses if you take care of them properly.  Here’s how! 
Method one
Things you will need: 
• Hot water
• Dish Soap or Baby Shampoo
• Paper Towlels
• Tweezers 
1. Pour hot water into a wide dish
2. Add 1 tsp of soap/shampoo into the water and mix well 
3. Place lashes into the solution for 20 seconds
4. Remove lashes, then using tweezers pull off remaining glue off of the lash band
5. Lay lashes on paper towel and gently blot them to soak up the water
6. Use a clean mascara brush to fan out the lashes 
7. Let dry for 1-2 minutes
8. Place then back into their box! 
Method 2
Rubbing Alcohol 
1. Pour rubbing alcohol into a container, the quantity should be enough to submerg your lashes into
2. Put dirty lashes into alcohol for 2 minutes
3. Use cotton swabs to gently rub the gunk off the lashes and lash band 
4. Use paper towel to help blot off remaining water on lashes 
5. If needed, fan out lashes with clean mascara brush 
6. Place lashes back inside their box! 
  • Always wash your hands before touching your false lashes to prevent any impurities from getting into your eyes.
  • When trying to pull out glue from the lash line, do not pull with too much force or you’ll end up plucking out the lashes and ruining them altogether.
  • Always store the lashes in their box between uses. Also, it is best to use boxes that have curved platforms to maintain the natural curved shape of the lashes.
  • You can also use baby shampoo or coconut oil instead of liquid dish soap to clean your false eyelashes.